Friday, May 3, 2013

It's May and I'm off to a productive start...

Another productive day in the land of Gozi and Pop.  The sewing room is in its usual organised mess, it's how I work best.  

Today I finished off this 'tongue twister'.  Wouldn't it look lovely hanging up in a little seaside cottage?  

The inspiration came from this photo of my daughter when she was little.  I was showing her how to hold a shell up to her ear and listen for the sound of the sea.  Just like my Nanna had shown me when I was little. And her little fingers look just like a starfish.

I finished off another giant map of Australia.  

I loved the way it looked hanging in our house, but had promised it to Davies & Son.  The first one I made and had in their shop sold this week.  Yay!!  I love the fabric I used for Western Australia, it is just stunning.  

Here is Michelle, owner of Davies & son, hanging it up in the shop.

Off to make the next one.  Have a great weekend!

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