Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cutting out millions of letters...

No wonder I'm getting sore arms.  I've cut out a gazillion letters in the last week and they're all lined up ready and waiting for me to sew up on the machine.

The big maps and little maps of Australia have their ticket for the back of the queue.

Too many interruptions this week....by kids and husbands.  Boys are home sick today. Big and little.

Cups of tea half finished and left lying around.

Birthday cake made for hubby.

Weekends at sport.

and more sport

If I could just get to my little corner of the living room and hang out here for a while.  I have a gazillion more letters to cut and I'm obsessed with spotty fabric right now.

I love this little spot behind the couch, it overlooks the garden.

But alas, school pick up shortly and "Mum - what's for dinner?"

Duck under the table!   Ha Ha - that's what my Nanna used to say.

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's May and I'm off to a productive start...

Another productive day in the land of Gozi and Pop.  The sewing room is in its usual organised mess, it's how I work best.  

Today I finished off this 'tongue twister'.  Wouldn't it look lovely hanging up in a little seaside cottage?  

The inspiration came from this photo of my daughter when she was little.  I was showing her how to hold a shell up to her ear and listen for the sound of the sea.  Just like my Nanna had shown me when I was little. And her little fingers look just like a starfish.

I finished off another giant map of Australia.  

I loved the way it looked hanging in our house, but had promised it to Davies & Son.  The first one I made and had in their shop sold this week.  Yay!!  I love the fabric I used for Western Australia, it is just stunning.  

Here is Michelle, owner of Davies & son, hanging it up in the shop.

Off to make the next one.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goodbye April...April showers bring May flowers

Last month just flew by...there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.  Well not enough sewing hours that  is.

I went a little crazy sewing up cushions...I made nearly thirty, I got carried away with all the lovely fat quarters I had bought.

Our market day was very windy.  My friend Karen (on the right) & I were chasing flying pincushions and holding down the tablecloth and hanging onto the umbrella. But the day was very sunny and we had a nice time drinking coffee, eating sausages in bread from the Scouts next door and having a good chit chat.

I made a batch of these little patchwork pincushions, I love playing around with all the different fabric colours and patterns.

I cleaned my daughter's bedroom and rearranged some furniture while she was at school.  I love doing that and then seeing my kids faces when they come home from school.  She's permanently borrowed some cushions from my "Gozi & Pop shop" for her bed!

April has also been a great time to be out and about in Melbourne.  Having a break from sewing, my friend and I took our dogs for a walk around Albert Park lake, which is also part of the Grand Prix circuit. We had a nice coffee and enjoyed the beautiful view of Melbourne city skyline from the Carousel Cafe.

Footy season is alive and well in Melbourne. 

 My son was lucky enough to play on the MCG at half time on Saturday night thanks to Auskick.  
Such a great atmosphere.  I don't think he realises how lucky he is to have these opportunites.

I've also been getting up early a couple of times a week to walk with my friend and we take our dogs and have been enjoying the sunrises.

Only one more month of Autumn (which is my favourite season) so I hope to enjoy it as much as I can before it gets too cold.  How has your month been going?