Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cutting out millions of letters...

No wonder I'm getting sore arms.  I've cut out a gazillion letters in the last week and they're all lined up ready and waiting for me to sew up on the machine.

The big maps and little maps of Australia have their ticket for the back of the queue.

Too many interruptions this week....by kids and husbands.  Boys are home sick today. Big and little.

Cups of tea half finished and left lying around.

Birthday cake made for hubby.

Weekends at sport.

and more sport

If I could just get to my little corner of the living room and hang out here for a while.  I have a gazillion more letters to cut and I'm obsessed with spotty fabric right now.

I love this little spot behind the couch, it overlooks the garden.

But alas, school pick up shortly and "Mum - what's for dinner?"

Duck under the table!   Ha Ha - that's what my Nanna used to say.

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