Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hello new stockist...

I'm very excited to introduce you to Gozi & Pop's new stockist Fresco Flowers & Homewares.  Fresco is owned by the lovely Guida whom I had the pleasure of meeting just recently.  Full of gorgeous fresh flowers and beautiful homewares and soon to be cafe.  

Shelves full of lovely goodies

I love the pineapple cushions

gorgeous candles in beautiful packaging

Fresco is located at 615 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock, Victoria
Open 7 days too!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

3 times lucky today...

I put on a pair of jeans today which I haven't worn for ages and 'what's this in my pocket?'  I pulled out $20.00!

I was the only bidder for 3 books on eBay today and won them all for only $1.00!

Driving down a suburban street today I saw a heap of stuff out the front of a house on the nature strip being left for hard rubbish collection.  Something really good caught my eye and I had to stop.  I couldn't believe it, I had only been looking for something like this on eBay earlier in the day.  I knocked on the front door of the house to ask and the lovely owner said "you can have it - take it - I'm cleaning out the shed - it's yours".

I've only just got it out the back of the car and need to clean off the cobwebs and it's dark but I couldn't wait to show you this really cool trestle style work bench.  It's sturdy and in really good condition.  What a find!
It really has been my lucky day :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

new this week...

New fabric word art I finished this week

My photography skills need working on, I haven't captured how bright and colourful these fabrics really are.

I love these song lyrics, can you guess which song they are from?
(and you can tell everybody this is your song)
Click here for the answer!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

padded upholstery...

I didn't do much sewing until my kids came along and then I suddenly felt creative when it came to decorating their bedrooms.
One of my very first projects was inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine of an upholstered tallboy.  (I have kept the magazine - Home Beautiful Aug 2002!)

Here is the finished result of my daughter's bedroom:

I had bought a little nursery wardrobe in raw pine which I painted white.  I then bought a variety of pretty fabrics, some wadding and a staple gun.  

It was a fairly straightforward job.  I cut the fabric and wadding and attached it with a staple gun,  making sure to stretch the fabric evenly, and turn over the edges of the fabric.  I unscrewed the knobs beforehand and also painted them, then put them back on over the fabric.

It made such a difference to the room.
This is my little Pop jumping for joy - so many years ago now!

Here is another example of what you can do

with a tutorial I found here.

Note: You need to have drawers that do not go in flush to the cabinet.