Thursday, September 13, 2012


There's been a lot of fluffing about and procrastinating at Gozi & Pop headquarters this week.

I should be well underway making Christmas Advent Calenders by now.  Don't be alarmed about the mention of Christmas, but the reality is all stock goes into stores in October.  And last year I told myself I would start making my calenders in July!  But I just can't get into the rhythm of it.  I will get out all the fabrics, cut out some squares and then go and do something else.  Then come back and pack it all away.

But today I saw this fabulous panel at my local quilting shop and it's given me some good ideas.

Stay tuned!

Apart from all my fluffing about I did make some pretty pink and purple bunting for a custom order.  

Over 3 metres worth - lots of different patterns & prints.

Now to start those Advent Calenders!

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