Monday, September 3, 2012

a bit of spring cleaning..

So happy Spring is finally here.  I love opening up all the windows and having a good clean out.
On the spur of the  moment I loaded up the car on Saturday afternoon with the kid's old skateboards, 2 big bags of unworn and outgrown clothes, books, magazines, shoes & bags and whatever else we were no longer using.  Then Sunday morning went to the local secondhand market and set up a stall.

I'd hardly unloaded the car when two teenage girls came past and bought the skateboards.  They were really happy and skated off with them.  I think our little dog  wanted to keep the orange one though.

It was a good morning.  I made a bit of pocket money, got to have a coffee & read a magazine in peace without the kids and some shoppers bought some bargains.

In my spring cleaning mode I finally sorted out some of my fabrics.

before (what a mess)

after (nicely colour co-ordinated now).

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