Thursday, August 16, 2012

padded upholstery...

I didn't do much sewing until my kids came along and then I suddenly felt creative when it came to decorating their bedrooms.
One of my very first projects was inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine of an upholstered tallboy.  (I have kept the magazine - Home Beautiful Aug 2002!)

Here is the finished result of my daughter's bedroom:

I had bought a little nursery wardrobe in raw pine which I painted white.  I then bought a variety of pretty fabrics, some wadding and a staple gun.  

It was a fairly straightforward job.  I cut the fabric and wadding and attached it with a staple gun,  making sure to stretch the fabric evenly, and turn over the edges of the fabric.  I unscrewed the knobs beforehand and also painted them, then put them back on over the fabric.

It made such a difference to the room.
This is my little Pop jumping for joy - so many years ago now!

Here is another example of what you can do

with a tutorial I found here.

Note: You need to have drawers that do not go in flush to the cabinet.


  1. Love those drawers Sharon, how have the fabrics stood up to your little Poppet's use? I've just posted a blog about my little darling's room renovation, must be the day for it!

    1. Thanks Emma! They lasted for a few years. I recently reupholstered the drawers with red, white & navy blue fabrics and moved it into my son's bedroom. The fabrics had faded over the years, but it was easy to take the old fabrics off and replace with new ones. A cheap and easy way to revamp for a new look or interchange the furniture between the kids. (can't wait to see your new blog post now).