Saturday, August 25, 2012

3 times lucky today...

I put on a pair of jeans today which I haven't worn for ages and 'what's this in my pocket?'  I pulled out $20.00!

I was the only bidder for 3 books on eBay today and won them all for only $1.00!

Driving down a suburban street today I saw a heap of stuff out the front of a house on the nature strip being left for hard rubbish collection.  Something really good caught my eye and I had to stop.  I couldn't believe it, I had only been looking for something like this on eBay earlier in the day.  I knocked on the front door of the house to ask and the lovely owner said "you can have it - take it - I'm cleaning out the shed - it's yours".

I've only just got it out the back of the car and need to clean off the cobwebs and it's dark but I couldn't wait to show you this really cool trestle style work bench.  It's sturdy and in really good condition.  What a find!
It really has been my lucky day :)

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