Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I come from a land down under..

I came up with this idea of appliqueing a map of Australia using pretty fabrics and I love they way they've turned out.  The kids asked me 'Mum, why is Tasmania an apple?  Well, Tasmania is know as the 'Apple Isle".  For many years it was one of the world's major apple producers. Apples are still grown in large numbers, but modern agriculture is more diversified.
Tasmania's apples recently gained distinction as the first to be approved by the Japanese government for import, due to their verifiable pest-free status.

I love these fabrics - I have used the colours to describe each state.  The rich colours of brown & orange represents Western Australia's colourful desert and rich mining resources, yellow & brown for the desert in Northern Territory, purples & greens for South Australia's wine country and Queensland's greens for the rainforests and blues for the Great Barrier Reef.

Had just enough time today to take a couple of quick snaps before rushing down to deliver these to my favourite little shop - Davies & Son - 520 Hampton St, Hampton, Victoria.

It was so much fun making these, I am looking forward to making many more.

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