Thursday, July 19, 2012

custom orders..

I make quite a few custom orders which I love doing.  It's nice knowing how much a customer likes your work and then asks for it to be personalised to suit their situation.  Sometimes a customer will want something a little different which isn't what I usually do, so I challenge myself to try to do it.

This week I had a special request to make a framed word art for a classroom using 'eyes and hands'.  Mmmm..eyes are not easy to draw or sew so I had to find some images to get ideas from.  I looked through my kid's story books but they were all too cartoonish or just black blots.  Anyway, after searching through good ole google I found a few images.

This is the finished result. (moving QQC means quickly, quietly, carefully).

Luckily there is a great little embroidery shop not far from where I live and the lovely ladies there gave me some tips on how to embroider eyes.  It's good to have a go rather than say 'no I can't do that'. And a big thanks to my girlfriends at our coffee catch up for giving me their tips on doing the hands!

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  1. That's really lovely Sharon, I'm sure it will brighten up the classroom - and the children might actually take notice!!! I've been thinking of framing some of my applique designs rather than turning them all into cushions - where do you find good frames and do you use spray adhesive to fix the fabric?