Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Third Place...

One of my favourite movies is "You've Got Mail" which was written and directed by Nora Ephron.  Watching the movie and listening to the director's commentary Nora demonstrates her love of "the small town" nature of New York City and the importance of third places.
The idea of the third place is that we have our first and second places of home and work, but that cultures thrive best when people have a third place to go and claim.
Nora shared her belief that coffee shops had become important third places for city people.

My favourite third place is my local coffee shop 'Espresso Hit'.  Danny and Chris make the best coffee and the service is always 100 per cent friendly and cheerful. It's a place where I always feel at home.  It's great to catch up with friends there after school drop off or before school pick up.

I found some fabric with a coffee bean print awhile ago and added it to my stash.  And  then I had the great idea to make a fabric word art for my favourite third place!  The boys are going to hang it up in the cafe in a cool spot!

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