Monday, June 25, 2012

cool little shops I found today...

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated when working from home all the time, and looking for inspiration via the internet, books or magazines just doesn't satisfy.   One of the best things for me to do, is to get out and explore some of the amazing shops in my beautiful city of Melbourne.  There are some gorgeous little shops to be found.

Today I discovered this little shop in Gardenvale

Our Shop

A bit further along I found this really cute little shop..
104 Ormond Road, Elwood - just follow the bubbles..

and then my last stop for today was full of vintage treasures
125 Grey Street, St Kilda

Scout House wrought iron bedsNew Nostalgic BlocksReminds me of little Stanley.. love these..

Industrial Console

Just the tonic for me to come home fully inspired to get creative again.

(Oh yeah, I did buy a couple of little things - too hard to resist).


  1. Oh Sharon, thanks for sharing. I do believe that if I ventured into Scout House I would stay forever... :)

    1. Hi Sammy, it's amazing how many cute little shops are 'out there' tucked away. Mostly I see them when I'm driving past and never have time to stop and have a look, but it was really nice yesterday to take the time and check out a few, especially as it's too easy to stay inside during winter. :)