Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Turtle Day..

You may recall I posted about 'a little turtle friend' back in April.  I took him along to one of the markets and somebody took a fancy to him and off he went to a new home.  My kids were insistent that I make another, my son chose the fabrics for his little turtle and this is how he turned out:

It also happens to be World Turtle Day today (23rd May 2012).  The date is used by experts around the globe to highlight the threat to the many turtle and tortoise species losing their habitat or being poached and smuggled internationally.  Melbourne Aquarium is celebrating World Turtle Day with activities and presentations.  You can read more here:  Melbourne Aquarium.

On a visit to Melbourne Zoo last year we were able to get up close to this gentle old giant snacking on carrots.  

The Zoo Keeper told us that Tortoises have 'beaks'.

Looks like he really enjoys his carrots, can you see his tongue sticking out?  He's licking his lips!!

"Huge numbers of turtles are being poached in Vietnam and Laos for illegal export to China, where they are traditionally believed to have medicinal properties", said Judith Henke, of Melbourne Zoo.  "Other turtle species native to South Asia and South-East Asia are also subject to smuggling, which has resulted in areas with no remaining turtle populations.
As turtles play a significant role within eco-systems, this is now seen as a crisis by environmental experts".

Some turtle facts:
Did you know that there was a Tortoise named 'Harriet' who lived to 176 years of age. She was a resident at Australia Zoo from 1987 to her death in 2006.

One of my favourite turtles would have to be 'Crush', the surf-cultured sea turtle from Finding Nemo

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