Friday, February 14, 2014

back to school and trying to find my mojo/sewjo...

The kids have gone back to school and as much as I loved spending time with them over the holidays by the end of January I was well and truly ready for my own space.  We've had some really hot days where I just didn't feel like doing's was way too hot and I felt like those animals at the zoo - just lying around in the coolest spot.  February is a very hot month and I always feel stagnated during this time.  A very busy time leading up to Christmas, relaxing during January, it's hard to get restarted again in February. I had lost my sewing sewjo was nowhere to be seen.

There's nothing like discovering some new fabrics to get the motivation back.  I found this wonderful panel of fabric at my local Spotlight's a map of the world and decided straight away I had to make a mini quilt for my nephew's 1st birthday.

I stitched around all the countries with my embroidery thread while happily catching up on all my TV shows

here's a close up of Europe...there is so much colourful detail and cultural icons is sure to capture a child's imagination.  The fabric is called 'what a world' by Jill McDonald

made some more fabric word arts for Fresco House and Flowers

inspired by lyrics sung by Billy Joel

and made some more softie soccer balls...the fun part is putting all the different fabrics together

Feels great to have my sewjo back!!

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