Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Essentials gift guide again!!!

Opening the Sunday Melbourne Age newspaper this morning I was greeted with a nice surprise..

 my appliqued map of Australia is featured in the gift guide today

these framed Australia's  are currently available from Davies & son, 520 Hampton Street, Hampton,  and also from Page 8, 188 Main Street, Mornington, Victoria

They are in a lovely white frame which lets the fabrics really pop out!
I like to mix around the fabrics so each Australia is a little different.  The fabrics are so bright and vibrant.  

My latest creations are some larger maps in a hanging style with some famous Australian sayings 

they are quite time consuming, I cut all the pieces out by hand, including the lettering.  Then it is all evenly placed onto the backing fabric and carefully machine stitched around each state, and around each letter.

I am making more maps in the hanging style as they will be much easier to post. I find people like to give these as presents to friends and family overseas.

If you would like more information about my maps please email to

Here's a giant one I made earlier this year

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