Thursday, October 31, 2013

make your own flatscreen TV cover!!!

What a cool idea I hear you say!  Well it was my husband's idea actually...he sometimes says to me "why don't you make this?" or " Why don't you make one of these?"   And then..."why don't you make a cover for the TV?"

No worries, I'll just whip one up.  As it turned out, it was very easy.  You can make one too if you like.

Here..I'll show you how.

Step 1.
Measure your TV and write your measurements on a piece of paper to take to IKEA if there is one near you (or your fabric store).

Step 2.
Get in the car and drive to IKEA (or your fabric store).

Step 3.
Once at IKEA go straight past the Swedish meatballs (do not stop), do not go around in a maze - go straight to the fabric section at IKEA.  They have a great range of fabrics perfect for this sort of project.  Once you have chosen and paid for your fabric you need to then get out of there...quick!

Step 4.
When you get home, chuck the fabric in the 'too hard basket' and leave it there for a few weeks, until you find the motivation to start sewing.  (Going to IKEA can be exhausting especially if you get trapped buying other things and then have to lug it all home). 

Step 5.
Okay better get on with it.  So one fine sunny day when there are no sick kids or husbands around and everyone has gone to work and school as they should,  it's a good time to get the fabric out of the 'too hard basket' and get started.  

Step 6.
Cut a large enough piece of fabric that will cover your TV screen and also fold over the top of the TV to hang over the back. Hang the piece of fabric over your TV to check.

Step 7.
Lay the fabric piece out and hem up the top and bottom.  

Sew up the top and bottom edges on the sewing machine.  Pedal to the floor, go fast, no need to be fancy.

Once the top and bottom hems are sewn, hang the piece of fabric inside out over the TV.  This is to get the correct length for the fabric to hang over the front of the TV.  

Pin the sides into place.

Then back to the sewing machine and sew up the two sides.
Turn right side out, a quick iron and it's ready to hang over your TV.

See...easy peasy.  Why not make a couple more? 

Under $10.00 each 

Choose your favourite colours to suit your decor.

Summer is coming - no need to be inside.  Keep the television covered and it will be dust free and away from sunlight.  

Make one for your computer too!

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