Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A fleecy, felty week with kids...

Last week it was the kids turn to try their hand at sewing.

My son's school project was to construct a model of your favourite healthy food. I had some left over felt and polar fleece so he decided to make a taco.

Cutting out some tomatoes from red felt.

Strips of grated carrot

He also used some light green felt for avocado and dark green felt for lettuce. I pinned it altogether and then he sewed it up almost all by himself (I helped when he got into a knot).

Do you think it looks like a healthy taco?
My daughter's project was to make a model that demonstrates the digestive system.  Seeing her brother made such a great taco and not to be outdone, I helped her put together some 'polar fleece vital organs'!

Here we have a purple esophagus, hot pink liver, pale pink stomach, light green pancreas, dark green colon and orange intestines. 

It was a polar fleece week.  At school the teachers asked if any parents would like to come in and teach the kids a special skill/craft.  I volunteered to show the class how to make a 'bat'.

I cut out and pre-sewed about 25 black and purple bats the night before in my bat cave.

The next day the kids learnt how to turn their 'bats' inside out and fill with stuffing.  Then they stitched up the little opening and glued on some eyes and mouth.  They finished off sewing on the bat wings.  I think they really enjoyed themselves and learnt that sewing is not only fun but quite easy.

The idea for the bats came from this book:

Nice to see the boys love sewing too.  It's not just for the girls!


  1. Wow Sharon! Great effort by all. What a lovely post, I may just even try sewing again! ;)

  2. We have a kid-made Hamish - he's so cute and good for kids to do themselves.

    1. The kids surprised themselves with how easy it was. They're keen to make other softies now.

    2. In that book or maybe the Softies books, there's a guinea pig who looks a bit like Hamish with arms - v.easy for kids, my girls have made a couple of them - one turned out with a very cross face - the grumpy guinea pig!

    3. A grumpy guinea pig - that's funny! Would love to see the photos.