Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My favourite magazines List #6

I love magazines, always have.  They are a great source of inspiration, top ideas and nice to relax and flick through with a cuppa.  When I was 17 my bedroom wall was wallpapered floor to ceiling with A4 pages torn from magazines.  It looked fantastic, wish I had a camera back them so I could have captured it.

This is my list of  favourites:

Mollie Makes
Real Living
Inside Out
Country Style
Donna Hay
Women's Weekly
Better Homes & Gardens
Home Beautiful
House & Garden
Shop 4 Kids

Confession: I have every edition of Real Living magazine since it was first published in September 2005.  I still flick through past issues from time to time if I need ideas.

Cotton Time magazine is an extremely cute Japanese craft magazine.  You read it from back to front and although written in Japanese the patterns and diagrams are easy to follow. 

It features the most gorgeous and exquisite little things to make and stitch.

Even though this Marie Claire idees magazine is written in French,  the pictures have given me some great ideas for my kid's bedrooms

This photo was my first inspiration to try applique.

This photo made me want to paint all the chairs in my house red.  I also used the aeroplanes (shown on the wall)  for an applique design  on a cot pocket organiser for my son's bedroom.

Are you a magazineaholic too?

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  1. That's a serious addiction! I hadn't seen the Japanese magazine, but I do love Japanese Style - they come up with some really quirky and fun things.