Wednesday, January 9, 2013

:: 52 lists...

A new year and a new set of lists to make.  I've just joined up "52 projects" with Pip from  Meet Me At Mikes  and  Emma from All At Sea you can join up too if you like - click here to follow!.  Your list can be about anything and it will be fun to join along.

My list for this week is all about my daughter turning 12.

1. Finish making bunting - and plenty of it to hang all through the house.
2. Buy card and presents.
3. Make a birthday cake.

Each year we have made a themed birthday cake depending on her interests at the time.We've had a number 2 turned into giraffe, a princess castle, a swimming pool, a number 7 on roller skates, a skateboard, a guitar and last year I made red cupcakes decorated to look like cricket balls.
This year we are thinking rainbow theme, looking at Pinterest for lots of ideas I found this picture

not sure if I could make this one - so much colouring!


  1. found your blog through meet me at mikes! and that cake is epic - pretty sure you could re-create a smaller (more realistic version) with m&ms or skittles :)

    1. Hi Jess
      We have decided on another cake which will also be a challenge...I won't say any more just yet...will be sure to post a pic!