Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas at home...

Homemade decorations made by the kids and my old collection of Snoopys hanging in the tree

and surprise,surprise I got to open the big box under the tree...

a record player!

Now I can kick back and listen to my old vinyl collection

it comes with a usb cable so records can be backed-up to my pc

My kids listen to music on their iPods.  It's a shame they miss out on looking at album covers and admiring the artwork and reading the song lyrics.  They are fascinated seeing 'a giant CD' and I've shown them how to  put the record onto the turntable and carefully put the stylus (needle) onto the record.  

We are all pretty happy with what Santa brought us, the kids declared this "our best Christmas ever".
I'm so glad I kept all my old records, loving listening to them again.

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