Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm always on the lookout for ideas on how to display items at market stalls or for photos.  I have ideas in my head of how I want something to look, but can't seem to achieve it because (a) I'm not handy with a hammer & wood to build something like on Better Homes & Gardens,  or (b) can never find anything at places like Ikea.  But today I was in luck.  I decided to have a quick look at our local Sunday trash & treasure market and there I found this.  For ten dollars! As predicted, my husband just shook his head when I wheeled this inside the house..'and where are you going to put that?'
I think it is going to look fabulous filled with lots of handmade goodies at the next market. 

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  1. What a find! We had an old baby bed outside our pop-up shop last Summer, it was great with cushions inside! And white is a very good background colour in my opinion, esp. if you have a small spot it makes it pop!